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Exhibition 2018 Undercurrent-the wild edge

March 2nd - April 2rd 2018

Wild Island Tasmania

Shop 8/33 Salamanca Place

Hobart Tasmania 7000

+61 03 6224 0220

UNDERCURRENT: the wild edge. A joint show by Eve Howard and Pamela Jones

We had a great opening, thank you to all friends who attended and shared in raising a glass. The accomplishment of putting together a collection of works about our local environs has

been a great and worthy challenge.

Undercurrent-the wild edge, an exhibition by Eve Howard and Pamela Jones

photograph kindly taken by ‘’

This exhibition has been inspired by a boat journey from Pirates Bay at Eagle Hawk Neck, along the rich coastal cliffs of the area, around Tasman Island and on to Port Arthur. By boat your senses are awakened: salt, sea spray and the undulating waters keep you present as your eyes take in the breathtaking views of sea cliffs, some rising 300 metres above the sea.

Birds adorn the rugged cliffs, drift across the skies, plunge into the deep, fish these rich waters and float on the ocean swell. It is a place alive with birdlife. Albatross, gannets, cormorants, shearwaters, oyster catchers and penguins all inhabit this wild edge of coastline. Seals fish and swim through thick kelp beds and lay their bodies on rocks soaking up the days heat.

It is rich in wildlife, steeped in history, filled with natural wonder. The soaring, lichen-covered cliffs and rock platforms tower over their wild inhabitants providing a dominant, but benevolent backdrop. The sheer majesty of nature inspires the human soul to consider all the incredible undercurrents of tide and time to pay homage to such a place.

This joint exhibition showcases the ceramic sculpture of Eve Howard and mixed media paintings of Pamela Jones.

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