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about eve


‘My Environment is my stimulus. The southwest wind that blows into our bay, the birds that fish when the wind picks up.

 The delicate balance of land and sea creatures that inhabit the same places I do. Watching how nature plays out amongst the banksias and bull oaks, I am capturing the feeling of my life here at home, the beauty and importance of belonging.’ 



I am a Tasmanian artist producing a range of sculptural ceramics available at Wild Island Gallery, I also runs one day ceramic bird workshops in Hobart and Launceston.

'My ceramic sculpture is essentially about ecology. A reminder of our connection to both ourselves and our environment.' 

Living and working beside the sea, in a beautiful place filled throughout the year with an ever changing array of bird life, rich inspiration for creating. Pied and sooty oystercatchers, silver gulls, pacific and kelp gulls, terns, shearwaters and Australasian gannets. Not far from where I live you can jump on board a boat that will take you out to see many southern ocean birds including petrels, skuas and albatross.

I want my work to be accessible to people, I am always looking for simplicity in line and form. I like the idea that people can immediately connect and relate to my sculpture. It makes it easy and enjoyable to live with.

Purchase one of Eve's sculptures, available from these stockists.

Make a sculpture of your own with Eve available at these workshops.

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