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ceramic bird workshops
Make your own ceramic bird sculpture in a one day workshop. No experience necessary.
All of Eve's Hobart workshops are now run through Glazed and Confused Studios.

Eve Howard’s workshops offer an inviting and inspiring experience, making ceramic art accessible to everyone. Whether novices or returning fans, attendees feel encouraged and able to create beautiful ceramic birds under her guidance. Her easy-to-follow instructions and willingness to assist ensure that each participant feels supported. The workshops are a blend of fun and creativity, leaving attendees eager for more. These sessions are highly recommended for their ability to combine learning with enjoyment and are a fantastic way to explore new artistic skills in a supportive environment.

Hobart Workshops 

52b Bathurst Street
Hobart TAS 7000

book here

Sunday 21st July- Two Small Birds

Launceston Workshops 

4 Quadrant Mall

Launceston TAS 7250

book here

None currently available.

What to bring to a workshop?

Bring an apron, pictures of the bird you would like to make, your lunch and

please arrive on time as we all start as a group.

Your workshop for the day will be one of the following;

(so please make sure you choose the right workshop)

  • Standing bird Workshop- Owls, Tawny Frogmouth, Penguins, birds of prey etc.

  • Nesting bird Workshop- Seagulls, Albatross, Oystercatchers, Hens etc.

  • 2 Small birds Workshop- Firetail finches, Blue Wrens, Pardalotes etc.

  • Marsupials- Wombat, Quoll, Tasmanian Devil, Thylacine, Bandicoot.

Please note: Birds that do not fit into the style of the one day workshops are pelicans, ravens, currawongs, magpies, cockatoos, swan, flamingoes.

Workshop Testimonials

Sally Anthony.jpeg


'I’ve just completed one of Eve’s standing bird workshops and had such a fun day! I have little to no experience working with clay and as most of the women in the class were die-hard fans of Eve, having completed at least one of her workshops prior...I was worried I would struggle to keep up.
However, by the end of the day i couldn’t have felt more encouraged and supported.
Eve is a great educator, willing to provide as little or as much support needed. All of the steps were clear and easy to follow and we all had so much fun. Looking forward to the next!'


Hobart Workshop 2021


'Eve is a calm and thoughtful teacher who explains and instructs clearly. She was always on hand to help with any issues and provided excellent information and guidance succinctly and yet imaginatively. It was wonderful to see what our class achieved in such a short time under Eve’s careful eye following her step by step instructions. I thoroughly enjoyed making a nesting bird and recommend anyone do this session if you have the opportunity!'


Launceston workshop 2021

jess downie 1.jpeg

'I have been a fan (and owner) of Eve’s work for a long time so it was really thrilling to have an opportunity to work directly with her and create my own bird masterpiece!! I have never worked with clay before and I was a bit dubious about my skill but Eve really supported every level and encouraged each participant to really incorporate their own style into their work. I loved learning new skills and techniques and I appreciate Eve’s generosity so much.  I also love my bird!
Thanks Eve!'


Launceston workshop 2021

'Thankyou for having the workshop in Launceston a few weeks ago. My sister and I had such a great time. It was booked as a special “us time” where we could have fun, enjoy ourselves and do something that would make us happy. And we did!! The class setup was fantastic, it was super easy to follow your instructions and felt very supported by you with my questions and also felt encouraged by you with my creativeness! Having done no work with pottery/clay since I was a child with my Grandma or art class at school, I was a novice but by the end of the day felt super proud of what I’d created! I hope to do more classes with you in the future and see what is on offer! I only wish the day went for longer as I was having such a good time!'


Launceston Workshop 2021

Steph Robinson.jpeg
sally speare .jpeg

'I attended a standing birds workshop with Eve in Launceston at the Glazed and Confused studio. Eve was an excellent instructor. Her lesson was easy to follow and she was readily available if you needed help. Everyone in the group produced a beautiful bird. I would highly recommend attending Eve’s workshops and can’t wait to go to another myself. Thanks Eve for sharing your knowledge and skills with us Northerners!'


Launceston Workshop 2021

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