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 Fire Tales 

   May 2019   

A wonderful array of ceramic art by 18 Tasmanian artists at the Lady Franklin Gallery, Lenah Valley to coincide with the Australian Ceramics Triennale.


 Undercurrent-the wild edge 

 March 2018   

This joint exhibition showcases the ceramic sculpture of Eve Howard and mixed media paintings of Pamela Jones at Wild Island Gallery, Hobart.

March 2- April 2 2018

This exhibition has been inspired by a boat journey from Pirates Bay at Eagle Hawk Neck, along the rich coastal cliffs of the area, around Tasman Island and on to Port Arthur. By boat your senses are awakened: salt, sea spray and the undulating waters keep you present as your eyes take in the breathtaking views of sea cliffs, some rising 300 metres above the sea.


Birds adorn the rugged cliffs, drift across the skies, plunge into the deep, fish these rich waters and float on the ocean swell. It is a place alive with birdlife. Albatross, gannets, cormorants, shearwaters, oyster catchers and penguins all inhabit this wild edge of coastline. Seals fish and swim through thick kelp beds and lay their bodies on rocks soaking up the days heat.


It is rich in wildlife, steeped in history, filled with natural wonder. The soaring, lichen-covered cliffs and rock platforms tower over their wild inhabitants providing a dominant, but benevolent backdrop. The sheer majesty of nature inspires the human soul to consider all the incredible undercurrents of tide and time to pay homage to such a place.


poster of exhibition Undercurrent - the wild edge 2018 @wildislandtas
  Shades of Clay  
  June 2017       

An exhibition featuring the ceramics of :-

Lisa Boyter, Carol Buissink, Robin-Mary Calvert, Carolyn Canty, Heather Creet, Christine Crisp, Wendy Edwards, Eve Howard, 

Mark Knight, Dawn Oakford, Julie Perry, Robin Roberts, Rudolf Sibrava, Gary Thompson, John Watson, Richard Whitaker and Anna Williams.

Poster of Shades of Clay exhibition
Regional Arts Tasmania

I was invited to be part of Tas Regional Arts Touring Programme 2012. My work 'BIRD' travelled around to regional towns where it was displayed in various community buildings. As part of that exhibition I also travelled to some of these communities and presented workshops for local people on how to make a ceramic bird. Workshops were held in the communities of Penguin, Woodbridge, Flinders Island and Latrobe.




Eve Howard Ceramics
Eve Howard Ceramics
Eve Howard Ceramics
exhibitions past

2021 Natural Affinity


Blenheim Garden and Gallery, Longford

2021 Forestier Art Trail


Sommers Bay

2020 Forestier Art Trail


Sommers Bay


2019 Fire Tales


Lady Franklin Gallery, Hobart

2018 Undercurrent


Wild Island Gallery 


2017 TasArt



2017 On a Wing and a Prayer


Blenheim Gallery and Garden

2017 In the Potter's Garden


Rosny Schoolhouse Gallery

2017 Shades of Clay


Lady Franklin Gallery

2016   Albatross: The world of Tasmania’s mysterious shy albatross


Wild Island Tasmania, Salamanca Place Hobart Tasmania


2016   Animal Madness


Schoolhouse Gallery, Rosny Farm Tasmania


2014   Epicormia


Long Gallery, Salamanca Hobart Tasmania


2012   BIRD

Regional Arts touring show

Ceramics -Workshops were held in the communities of Penguin,

Woodbridge, Flinders Island and Latrobe.


2011   Lasting Impression


Tasmanian Ceramics Association Annual Exhibition

Group Show

Rosny Schoolhouse Gallery Tasmania


2011   Open Your Eyes -Ceramic Workshops

Sommers Bay, Murdunna (Tasmanian Regional Arts)

2007 Navigating


Sidespace Gallery, Salamanca Place Hobart Tasmania


2002   Gardens of the Imagination


Handmark Gallery, Salamanca Place Hobart Tasmania


2001   Viva

Paintings and Ceramics

Handmark Gallery, Salamanca Place Hobart Tasmania


2001   Cockatoos Crows and the Cabaret Flats


Hunter Street Studio, Queenstown Tasmania


2001   Flying East

Paintings, ceramics and prints

Beachbreaks Gallery, Bream Creek Tasmania

 March 2014   



Epicormia came about because my good friend Justis Barrymore wanted to give back to our community after the Tasmanian Bushfires of 2013.

So Justis put on his curator hat and gathered together 42 local artists and their works.

A spectacular event, it featured a wonderful mix of beautiful arts. I am so happy to have been a part of this exhibition. I have many more friends and neighbours because of it!




Epicormia cup cakes
Epicormia Exhibition poster

'Epicormia' Gives a Sigh of Fire Relief

Tasman Gazette. By Gaye Wright.

Walking into the Long Gallery situated in Hobart's Salamanca Place, on opening night of the Epicormia Exhibition was to say the least a surprise, for the first time I felt that there was a true sense that the anger, sadness and loss that had engulfed the communities of Tasmania's South East since January 4, 2013 when an incomprehensible and relentless fire raised homes and scorched an landscapes bare had possibly begun to subside and as the definition of Epicormia implies has allowed new life from deep within to regenerate, transporting us back to some sort of pre-fire normality.

Approximately 350 artists, guests and members of the affected communities combined together to take in the first viewing of 'Epicormia' an exhibition of 41 Tasmanian artists from the bushfire affected areas - Murdunna, Dunalley, Copping, Connellys Marsh and Bream Creek many of them who have never exhibited before - as well as many celebrated Tasmanian artists. The exhibition began with a donation that was collected at the time of the fire by the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery Guides - of the Long Gallery at the Salamanca Arts Centre.

Greetings, laughter and chatter filled the elongated space of the Long Gallery, seemingly transforming it into a positive space, with a party like atmosphere and even though some works would appear to be confronting I couldn't help but feel this was a turning point for many.

Deputy Mayor of the Tasman council, Roseanne Heyward has also shared her thoughts of the opening night. 

"On arrival at the Epicormia opening, I was amazed to see such a huge crowd of familiar faces from our communities, from Port Arthur to Dunalley and beyond, artists from our region had some wonderful pieces of art work on display. After talking to some artists and attendees at the Exhibition, I think the evening was not just an official opening of an 'Art exhibition' but a group of talented people with their friends who had survived a major fire event and created images of their memories of that event. It was a fantastic party and everyone was having a wonderful time. Justis Barrymore, curator of the event is to be congratulated along with Eve Howard and their amazing team of workers on bringing together such a great display of art works. A wonderful night."

Twelve months in the making, Justis Barrymore, a first time curator with links to the devastated area of Murdunna, should be rightfully proud of the Epicormia Exhibition, in bringing together the artists from the region to share their experiences and thoughts, positive outcomes and new adventures as he has allowed them to help heal their community. Congratulations to the artists themselves who have creatively and courageously recorded this inkspot on our local history.

Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery and the Salamanca Arts Centre donated the space and support for the exhibition. All funds raised by the sale of the art work go directly to the artists with no commission being paid.

Eve Howard ceramics
Sally Curry sculpture
fabulous Ella, Bridee and Jax
March 2016 


The world of Tasmania’s mysterious shy albatross 
Photograph by Matthew Newton Albatross:  The world of Tasmania’s mysterious shy albatross 
Ceramic Shy Albatross Sculptures by Eve Howard

Wild Island Gallery 

Photographer Matt Newton with Scientist Dr Rachael Alderman and Ceramicist Eve Howard 

Opening 5.30pm 8 July – Continuing until 2 August

Wild Island is excited to showcase photographer Matthew Newton’s and ceramicist Eve Howard’s artistic response to a unique Tasmanian species, and present scientific knowledge and perspectives from the dedicated biologists working to understand and protect this iconic species. This exhibition highlights what can be achieved when art and science work together to communicate for a cause. The aim of the ‘Albatross’ exhibition is to raise awareness and understanding of Tasmania’s own albatross. Through the sharing of our knowledge and our artistic perspectives of the species, it is hoped that the exhibition’s audience become advocates for the Shy Albatross and active supporters of conservation efforts.

albatross the world of tasmanias mysterious shy albatross

Thank you Robin Roberts for the photograph

 Animal Madness 
 June 2016      
Animal Madness exhibition poster

On a Wing and a Prayer

Sept 2017   

Blenheim Gallery, Longford Tasmania 'On a Wing and a Prayer' Runs until November 10. (The Examiner 30/9/17)

Newspaper article of On a Wing and a Prayer, an exhibiton at Blenheim Garden and Gallery

Forestier Art Trail February 2021


Natural Affinity February 2021

Pamela Jones and Eve Howard2 jpeg.jpg
natural affinity.jpg
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